Lockheed’s political reach

    After a dec­ade of ad­min­is­trat­ive prob­lems, cost over­runs and tech­nic­al glitches, the F-35 is still not ready for ac­tion. The mil­it­ary con­siders the pro­gram to be cru­cial to the na­tion’s de­fense needs.

    The F-35 pro­gram also has polit­ic­al muscle — the be­low spread­sheet con­tains Lock­heed Mar­tin’s more than $2.8 mil­lion in dona­tions to polit­ic­al can­did­ates from all 50 states in the 2012 cycle, while the map shows those dona­tions along­side jobs, num­ber of sup­pli­ers and eco­nom­ic im­pact cre­ated in each state by the pro­gram.

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    May 30, 2013
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    Name Party Delegation Chamber Amount
    Romney, Mitt R Pres $165,494
    Obama, Barack D Pres $127,182
    McKeon, Buck R Calif. House $65,750
    Granger, Kay R Texas House $63,950
    Young, C W Bill R Fla. House $40,750
    Nelson, Bill D Fla. Senate $37,750
    Paul, Ron R Texas House $22,168
    Perlmutter, Edwin G D Colo. House $19,831
    Williams, Roger R Texas House $18,950
    Gingrey, Phil R Ga. House $15,000
    Lugar, Richard G R Ind. Senate $15,000
    Reyes, Silvestre D Texas House $15,000
    Rogers, Hal R Ky. House $14,750
    Brooks, Mo R Ala. House $13,250
    Rothman, Steven R D N.J. House $13,000
    Coffman, Mike R Colo. House $11,900
    Critz, Mark D Pa. House $11,000
    Hall, Ralph M R Texas House $11,000
    Menendez, Robert D N.J. Senate $11,000
    Buerkle, Ann Marie R N.Y. House $10,750
    Moran, Jim D Va. House $10,750
    West, Allen R Fla. House $10,700
    Miller, Jeff R Fla. House $10,500
    Rogers, Mike D R Ala. House $10,500
    Wolf, Frank R R Va. House $10,500
    Heinrich, Martin D N.M. House $10,450
    Kaine, Tim D Va. Senate $10,300
    Runyan, Jon R N.J. House $10,300
    Berg, Rick R N.D. House $10,250
    Casey, Bob D Pa. Senate $10,250
    Kline, John R Minn. House $10,250
    Andrews, Robert E D N.J. House $10,200
    Brown, Sherrod D Ohio Senate $10,200
    Aderholt, Robert B R Ala. House $10,000
    Bachus, Spencer R Ala. House $10,000
    Bartlett, Roscoe G R Md. House $10,000
    Barton, Joe R Texas House $10,000
    Bass, Charles R N.H. House $10,000
    Berman, Howard L D Calif. House $10,000
    Bishop, Sanford D Ga. House $10,000
    Boehner, John R Ohio House $10,000
    Bonner, Jo R Ala. House $10,000
    Calvert, Ken R Calif. House $10,000
    Camp, Dave R Mich. House $10,000
    Cantor, Eric R Va. House $10,000
    Clyburn, James E D S.C. House $10,000
    Cole, Tom R Okla. House $10,000
    Courtney, Joe D Conn. House $10,000
    Crenshaw, Ander R Fla. House $10,000
    Crowley, Joseph D N.Y. House $10,000
    Culberson, John R Texas House $10,000
    Cummings, Elijah E D Md. House $10,000
    Dewhurst, David H R Texas Senate $10,000
    Fattah, Chaka D Pa. House $10,000
    Franks, Trent R Ariz. House $10,000
    Frelinghuysen, Rodney R N.J. House $10,000
    Gillibrand, Kirsten D N.Y. Senate $10,000
    Hastings, Doc R Wash. House $10,000
    Heller, Dean R Nev. Senate $10,000
    Hensarling, Jeb R Texas House $10,000
    Hirono, Mazie K D Hawaii House $10,000
    Hoyer, Steny H D Md. House $10,000
    Israel, Steve D N.Y. House $10,000
    Issa, Darrell R Calif. House $10,000
    Johnson, Sam R Texas House $10,000
    King, Pete R N.Y. House $10,000
    Kingston, Jack R Ga. House $10,000
    Klobuchar, Amy D Minn. Senate $10,000
    Lamborn, Douglas L R Colo. House $10,000
    Larson, John B D Conn. House $10,000
    Latham, Tom R Iowa House $10,000
    Levin, Sander D Mich. House $10,000
    Manchin, Joe D W.Va. Senate $10,000
    McCarthy, Kevin R Calif. House $10,000
    McIntyre, Mike D N.C. House $10,000
    Mica, John L R Fla. House $10,000
    Murphy, Christopher S D Conn. House $10,000
    Neal, Richard E D Mass. House $10,000
    Olson, Pete R Texas House $10,000
    Palazzo, Steven R Miss. House $10,000
    Pastor, Ed D Ariz. House $10,000
    Pelosi, Nancy D Calif. House $10,000
    Roby, Martha R Ala. House $10,000
    Rogers, Mike R Mich. House $10,000
    Rooney, Tom R Fla. House $10,000
    Ros,Lehtinen, Ileana R Fla. House $10,000
    Royce, Ed R Calif. House $10,000
    Ruppersberger, Dutch D Md. House $10,000
    Ryan, Paul R Wis. House $10,000
    Sanchez, Loretta D Calif. House $10,000
    Scott, David D Ga. House $10,000
    Sessions, Pete R Texas House $10,000
    Simpson, Mike R Idaho House $10,000
    Smith, Adam D Wash. House $10,000
    Stabenow, Debbie D Mich. Senate $10,000
    Tester, Jon D Mont. Senate $10,000
    Thompson, Bennie G D Miss. House $10,000
    Thornberry, Mac R Texas House $10,000
    Tiberi, Patrick J R Ohio House $10,000
    Turner, Michael R R Ohio House $10,000
    Van Hollen, Chris D Md. House $10,000
    Visclosky, Pete D Ind. House $10,000
    Walden, Greg R Ore. House $10,000
    Wittman, Rob R Va. House $10,000
    Womack, Steve R Ark. House $10,000
    Santorum, Rick R Pres $9,800
    Bishop, Rob R Utah House $9,500
    Boustany, Charles W Jr R La. House $9,000
    Cardin, Ben D Md. Senate $9,000
    Conaway, Mike R Texas House $9,000
    Feinstein, Dianne D Calif. Senate $9,000
    Kaptur, Marcy D Ohio House $9,000
    Whitehouse, Sheldon D R.I. Senate $9,000
    Brown, Scott R Mass. Senate $8,700
    Connolly, Gerry D Va. House $8,700
    Carter, John R Texas House $8,500
    Webster, Daniel R Fla. House $8,500
    Eshoo, Anna D Calif. House $8,250
    Veasey, Marc D Texas House $8,200
    Brady, Kevin R Texas House $8,000
    Butterfield, G K D N.C. House $8,000
    Carper, Tom D Del. Senate $8,000
    Dingell, John D D Mich. House $8,000
    Edwards, Donna D Md. House $8,000
    Heck, Joe R Nev. House $8,000
    Langevin, Jim D R.I. House $8,000
    LoBiondo, Frank A R N.J. House $8,000
    Marchant, Kenny R Texas House $8,000
    McCaul, Michael R Texas House $8,000
    Meehan, Patrick R Pa. House $8,000
    Meeks, Gregory W D N.Y. House $8,000
    Owens, Bill D N.Y. House $8,000
    Posey, Bill R Fla. House $8,000
    Price, David D N.C. House $8,000
    Ribble, Reid R Wis. House $8,000
    Roskam, Peter R Ill. House $8,000
    Sutton, Betty Sue D Ohio House $8,000
    Hunter, Duncan D R Calif. House $7,500
    Nunes, Devin R Calif. House $7,500
    Hinchey, Maurice D N.Y. House $7,250
    Allen, George R Va. Senate $7,000
    Burgess, Michael R Texas House $7,000
    Dent, Charlie R Pa. House $7,000
    Garamendi, John D Calif. House $7,000
    Hanabusa, Colleen D Hawaii House $7,000
    Hatch, Orrin G R Utah Senate $7,000
    Neugebauer, Randy R Texas House $7,000
    Schiff, Adam D Calif. House $7,000
    Sherman, Brad D Calif. House $7,000
    Thompson, Mike D Calif. House $7,000
    Baca, Joe D Calif. House $6,500
    Corker, Bob R Tenn. Senate $6,500
    Rigell, Scott R Va. House $6,500
    Wicker, Roger R Miss. Senate $6,500
    Gerlach, Jim R Pa. House $6,333
    Honda, Mike D Calif. House $6,250
    Wilson, Heather A R N.M. Senate $6,250
    Barrasso, John A R Wyo. Senate $6,000
    Becerra, Xavier D Calif. House $6,000
    Brown, Corrine D Fla. House $6,000
    Chabot, Steve R Ohio House $6,000
    DeLauro, Rosa L D Conn. House $6,000
    Dicks, Norm D Wash. House $6,000
    Fitzpatrick, Michael G R Pa. House $6,000
    Fleming, John R La. House $6,000
    Forbes, Randy R Va. House $6,000
    Gardner, Cory R Colo. House $6,000
    Griffin, Tim R Ark. House $6,000
    Hanna, Richard R N.Y. House $6,000
    Harper, Gregg R Miss. House $6,000
    Hartzler, Vicky R Mo. House $6,000
    Johnson, Eddie Bernice D Texas House $6,000
    Johnson, Hank D Ga. House $6,000
    Larsen, Rick D Wash. House $6,000
    Lewis, John D Ga. House $6,000
    Lipinski, Daniel D Ill. House $6,000
    Lucas, Frank D R Okla. House $6,000
    Lungren, Dan R Calif. House $6,000
    Marino, Tom R Pa. House $6,000
    McKinley, David R W.Va. House $6,000
    Petri, Tom R Wis. House $6,000
    Poe, Ted R Texas House $6,000
    Reed, Tom R N.Y. House $6,000
    Ryan, Tim D Ohio House $6,000
    Schilling, Bobby R Ill. House $6,000
    Scott, Austin R Ga. House $6,000
    Shuster, Bill R Pa. House $6,000
    Smith, Lamar R Texas House $6,000
    Tipton, Scott R Colo. House $6,000
    Westmoreland, Lynn A R Ga. House $6,000
    Wilson, Joe R S.C. House $6,000
    Cain, Herman R Pres $5,600
    Benishek, Dan R Mich. House $5,500
    Hultgren, Randy R Ill. House $5,250
    King, Angus I Maine Senate $5,250
    Gingrich, Newt R Pres $5,200
    Barrow, John D Ga. House $5,000
    Chandler, Ben D Ky. House $5,000
    Cotton, Thomas R Ark. House $5,000
    Cuellar, Henry D Texas House $5,000
    Flores, Bill R Texas House $5,000
    Guinta, Frank R N.H. House $5,000
    Jones, Walter B Jr R N.C. House $5,000
    Kissell, Larry D N.C. House $5,000
    Lewis, Jerry R Calif. House $5,000
    Manzullo, Don R Ill. House $5,000
    Napolitano, Grace D Calif. House $5,000
    Pingree, Chellie D Maine House $5,000
    Pompeo, Mike R Kan. House $5,000
    Stearns, Cliff R Fla. House $5,000
    Upton, Fred R Mich. House $5,000
    Walsh, Joe R Ill. House $5,000
    Perkins, Christopher S R Va. House $4,750
    Southerland, Steve R Fla. House $4,500
    Broun, Paul R Ga. House $4,206
    McCarthy, Carolyn D N.Y. House $4,200
    Adams, Sandy R Fla. House $4,000
    Barletta, Lou R Pa. House $4,000
    Bilbray, Brian P R Calif. House $4,000
    Bishop, Timothy H D N.Y. House $4,000
    Black, Diane R Tenn. House $4,000
    Blackburn, Marsha R Tenn. House $4,000
    Blumenauer, Earl D Ore. House $4,000
    Bono Mack, Mary R Calif. House $4,000
    Buchanan, Vernon R Fla. House $4,000
    Canseco, Francisco R Texas House $4,000
    Chambliss, Saxby R Ga. Senate $4,000
    Cicilline, David D R.I. House $4,000
    Cleaver, Emanuel D Mo. House $4,000
    Cravaack, Chip R Minn. House $4,000
    DeGette, Diana D Colo. House $4,000
    Duncan, John J Jr R Tenn. House $4,000
    Emerson, Jo Ann R Mo. House $4,000
    Fortenberry, Jeff R Neb. House $4,000
    Gabbard, Tulsi D Hawaii House $4,000
    Gibson, Chris R N.Y. House $4,000
    Giffords, Gabrielle D Ariz. House $4,000
    Gonzalez, Charlie A D Texas House $4,000
    Gowdy, Trey R S.C. House $4,000
    Graves, Tom R Ga. House $4,000
    Green, Gene D Texas House $4,000
    Himes, Jim D Conn. House $4,000
    Holt, Rush D N.J. House $4,000
    Huizenga, Bill R Mich. House $4,000
    Jackson Lee, Sheila D Texas House $4,000
    Jenkins, Lynn R Kan. House $4,000
    Johnson, Bill R Ohio House $4,000
    Kelly, Mike R Pa. House $4,000
    Kind, Ron D Wis. House $4,000
    Lowey, Nita M D N.Y. House $4,000
    Maloney, Carolyn B D N.Y. House $4,000
    Moore, Gwen D Wis. House $4,000
    Myrick, Sue R N.C. House $4,000
    Pascrell, Bill Jr D N.J. House $4,000
    Price, Tom R Ga. House $4,000
    Quayle, Ben R Ariz. House $4,000
    Reichert, Dave R Wash. House $4,000
    Richmond, Cedric D La. House $4,000
    Ross, Dennis R Fla. House $4,000
    Ross, Mike D Ark. House $4,000
    Schakowsky, Jan D Ill. House $4,000
    Scott, Tim R S.C. House $4,000
    Sensenbrenner, F James Jr R Wis. House $4,000
    Serrano, Jose E D N.Y. House $4,000
    Shimkus, John M R Ill. House $4,000
    Stutzman, Marlin R Ind. House $4,000
    Terry, Lee R Neb. House $4,000
    Tsongas, Niki D Mass. House $4,000
    Watt, Melvin L D N.C. House $4,000
    Young, Todd R Ind. House $4,000
    Fudge, Marcia L D Ohio House $3,500
    Markey, Edward J D Mass. House $3,500
    Collins, Susan M R Maine Senate $3,250
    Alexander, Rodney R La. House $3,000
    Ayotte, Kelly R N.H. Senate $3,000
    Bonamici, Suzanne D Ore. House $3,000
    Burton, Dan R Ind. House $3,000
    Capito, Shelley Moore R W.Va. House $3,000
    Graham, Lindsey R S.C. Senate $3,000
    Hayworth, Nan R N.Y. House $3,000
    Heck, Dennis D Wash. House $3,000
    Herger, Wally R Calif. House $3,000
    Hochul, Kathleen D N.Y. House $3,000
    Inhofe, James M R Okla. Senate $3,000
    Keating, Bill D Mass. House $3,000
    Kinzinger, Adam R Ill. House $3,000
    LaTourette, Steve R Ohio House $3,000
    Lofgren, Zoe D Calif. House $3,000
    McMorris Rodgers, Cathy R Wash. House $3,000
    Murkowski, Lisa R Alaska Senate $3,000
    Nelson, Ben D Neb. Senate $3,000
    Peterson, Collin D Minn. House $3,000
    Schock, Aaron R Ill. House $3,000
    Sewell, Terri A D Ala. House $3,000
    Shelby, Richard C R Ala. Senate $3,000
    Slaughter, Louise M D N.Y. House $3,000
    Smith, Adrian R Neb. House $3,000
    Towns, Edolphus D N.Y. House $3,000
    Whitfield, Ed R Ky. House $3,000
    Akin, Todd R Mo. House $2,750
    Cruz, Ted R Texas Senate $2,750
    Bachmann, Michele R Minn. House $2,550
    Boockvar, Kathryn D Pa. House $2,500
    Denham, Jeff R Calif. House $2,500
    Goodlatte, Bob R Va. House $2,500
    Herrera Beutler, Jaime R Wash. House $2,500
    Hinojosa, Ruben D Texas House $2,500
    Leppert, Thomas C R Texas Senate $2,500
    Salmon, Matt R Ariz. House $2,500
    Schultz, Debbie Wasserman D Fla. House $2,500
    Trivedi, Manan D Pa. House $2,500
    Udall, Mark D Colo. Senate $2,500
    Schwartz, Allyson D Pa. House $2,250
    Ackerman, Gary D N.Y. House $2,000
    Alexander, Lamar R Tenn. Senate $2,000
    Austria, Steve R Ohio House $2,000
    Bass, Karen D Calif. House $2,000
    Begich, Mark D Alaska Senate $2,000
    Biggert, Judy R Ill. House $2,000
    Bilirakis, Gus R Fla. House $2,000
    Blumenthal, Richard D Conn. Senate $2,000
    Bordallo, Madeleine Z D $2,000
    Brady, Robert A D Pa. House $2,000
    Bucshon, Larry R Ind. House $2,000
    Campbell, John R Calif. House $2,000
    Capps, Lois D Calif. House $2,000
    Capuano, Michael E D Mass. House $2,000
    Carney, John D Del. House $2,000
    Cassidy, Bill R La. House $2,000
    Chaffetz, Jason R Utah House $2,000
    Christian-Christensen, Donna D $2,000
    Clarke, Hansen D Mich. House $2,000
    Clarke, Yvette D D N.Y. House $2,000
    Clay, William L Jr D Mo. House $2,000
    Coats, Dan R Ind. Senate $2,000
    Coble, Howard R N.C. House $2,000
    Crawford, Rick R Ark. House $2,000
    Davis, Danny K D Ill. House $2,000
    Davis, Geoff R Ky. House $2,000
    Davis, Susan A D Calif. House $2,000
    Desjarlais, Scott R Tenn. House $2,000
    Diaz,Balart, Mario R Fla. House $2,000
    Dold, Robert R Ill. House $2,000
    Doyle, Mike D Pa. House $2,000
    Duffy, Sean P R Wis. House $2,000
    Duncan, Jeff R S.C. House $2,000
    Ellmers, Renee R N.C. House $2,000
    Engel, Eliot L D N.Y. House $2,000
    Farenthold, Blake R Texas House $2,000
    Farr, Sam D Calif. House $2,000
    Filner, Bob D Calif. House $2,000
    Fincher, Steve R Tenn. House $2,000
    Gibbs, Bob R Ohio House $2,000
    Gohmert, Louis B Jr R Texas House $2,000
    Gosar, Paul R Ariz. House $2,000
    Graves, Sam R Mo. House $2,000
    Griffith, Morgan R Va. House $2,000
    Grimm, Michael R N.Y. House $2,000
    Gutierrez, Luis V D Ill. House $2,000
    Harris, Andy R Md. House $2,000
    Higgins, Brian M D N.Y. House $2,000
    Holden, Tim D Pa. House $2,000
    Huelskamp, Tim R Kan. House $2,000
    Hurt, Robert R Va. House $2,000
    Jackson, Jesse Jr D Ill. House $2,000
    Johnson, Tim D S.D. Senate $2,000
    Jordan, Jim R Ohio House $2,000
    Labrador, Raul R Idaho House $2,000
    Lance, Leonard R N.J. House $2,000
    Lankford, James R Okla. House $2,000
    Latta, Robert E R Ohio House $2,000
    Lee, Barbara D Calif. House $2,000
    Long, Billy R Mo. House $2,000
    Lujan, Ben R D N.M. House $2,000
    Lynch, Stephen F D Mass. House $2,000
    Matheson, Jim D Utah House $2,000
    Matsui, Doris O D Calif. House $2,000
    McCotter, Thaddeus G R Mich. House $2,000
    McGovern, James P D Mass. House $2,000
    McHenry, Patrick R N.C. House $2,000
    McNerney, Jerry D Calif. House $2,000
    Mikulski, Barbara A D Md. Senate $2,000
    Miller, Candice S R Mich. House $2,000
    Mulvaney, Mick R S.C. House $2,000
    Noem, Kristi R S.D. House $2,000
    Nugent, Richard R Fla. House $2,000
    Nunnelee, Alan R Miss. House $2,000
    Olver, John W D Mass. House $2,000
    Paulsen, Erik R Minn. House $2,000
    Payne, Donald M D N.J. House $2,000
    Pearce, Steve R N.M. House $2,000
    Peters, Gary D Mich. House $2,000
    Pitts, Joe R Pa. House $2,000
    Portman, Rob R Ohio Senate $2,000
    Rahall, Nick D W.Va. House $2,000
    Rangel, Charles B D N.Y. House $2,000
    Renacci, Jim R Ohio House $2,000
    Richardson, Laura D Calif. House $2,000
    Scalise, Steve R La. House $2,000
    Schweikert, David R Ariz. House $2,000
    Scott, Bobby D Va. House $2,000
    Sires, Albio D N.J. House $2,000
    Smith, Chris R N.J. House $2,000
    Snowe, Olympia R Maine Senate $2,000
    Speier, Jackie D Calif. House $2,000
    Stivers, Steve R Ohio House $2,000
    Tonko, Paul D N.Y. House $2,000
    Velazquez, Nydia M D N.Y. House $2,000
    Vitter, David R La. Senate $2,000
    Walberg, Tim R Mich. House $2,000
    Welch, Peter D Vt. House $2,000
    Wilson, Frederica D Fla. House $2,000
    Woodall, Rob R Ga. House $2,000
    Yoder, Kevin R Kan. House $2,000
    Young, Don R Alaska House $2,000
    Baldwin, Tammy D Wis. House $1,750
    Bobko, Kit R Calif. House $1,500
    Cooper, Jim D Tenn. House $1,500
    Johnson, Gary L Pres $1,500
    Landry, Jeff R La. House $1,500
    Warren, Elizabeth D Mass. Senate $1,475
    Gillan, Kim D Mont. House $1,250
    Lampson, Nick D Texas House $1,250
    McCaskill, Claire D Mo. Senate $1,200
    Altmire, Jason D Pa. House $1,000
    Amash, Justin R Mich. House $1,000
    Amodei, Mark R Nev. House $1,000
    Berkley, Shelley D Nev. House $1,000
    Castro, Joaquin D Texas House $1,000
    Conyers, John Jr D Mich. House $1,000
    Cornyn, John R Texas Senate $1,000
    Demings, Val D Fla. House $1,000
    Dreier, David R Calif. House $1,000
    Duckworth, Tammy D Ill. House $1,000
    Fleischmann, Chuck R Tenn. House $1,000
    Frank, Barney D Mass. House $1,000
    Griffith, Parker R Ala. House $1,000
    Johnson, Michael D Ga. House $1,000
    Johnson, Timothy R Ill. House $1,000
    Kennedy, Joe III D Mass. House $1,000
    Kyrillos, Joe R N.J. Senate $1,000
    Leahy, Patrick D Vt. Senate $1,000
    Mack, Connie R Fla. House $1,000
    McConnell, Mitch R Ky. Senate $1,000
    Murphy, Tim R Pa. House $1,000
    Murray, Patty D Wash. Senate $1,000
    Payne, Donald M Jr D N.J. House $1,000
    Rehberg, Denny R Mont. House $1,000
    Rokita, Todd R Ind. House $1,000
    Schmidt, Jean R Ohio House $1,000
    Schumer, Charles E D N.Y. Senate $1,000
    Sessions, Jeff R Ala. Senate $1,000
    Shaheen, Jeanne D N.H. Senate $1,000
    Steelman, Sarah H R Mo. Senate $1,000
    Strickland, Tony R Calif. House $1,000
    Wu, David D Ore. House $1,000
    Smith, Tom R Pa. Senate $983
    McClintock, Tom R Calif. House $950
    Kucinich, Dennis D Ohio House $750
    Sanders, Kenneth D Texas House $750
    Lamb, Dan D N.Y. House $700
    Miklosi, Joe D Colo. House $600
    Cantwell, Maria D Wash. Senate $500
    Costa, Jim D Calif. House $500
    Cramer, Tom D Wash. House $500
    Douglass, John D Va. House $500
    Griego, Eric D N.M. House $500
    Hayden, Nina D Fla. House $500
    Huntsman, Jon R Pres $500
    Lippold, Kirk R Nev. House $500
    McSally, Martha R Ariz. House $500
    Pawlenty, Tim R Pres $500
    Seegmiller, F Jay D Utah House $500
    Stein, Jill 3 Pres $500
    Aguirre, Amanda D Ariz. House $400
    Altschuler, Randy R N.Y. House $300
    Combe, Ryan D Utah House $300
    Arnold,Jones, Janice E R N.M. House $250
    Bruning, Jon R Neb. Senate $250
    Chirukula, Upendra J D N.J. House $250
    Cummings, Laureen R Pa. House $250
    DeSantis, Ron R Fla. House $250
    Flake, Jeff R Ariz. House $250
    Gallego, Pete D Texas House $250
    Graves, Jim D Minn. House $250
    Hernandez, Jose M D Calif. House $250
    Hoekstra, Peter R Mich. Senate $250
    King, Steven A R Iowa House $250
    Koster, John R Wash. House $250
    Love, Mia R Utah House $250
    Maffei, Dan D N.Y. House $250
    Mourdock, Richard E R Ind. Senate $250
    Pace, Sal D Colo. House $250
    Perry, Rick R Pres $250
    Sadler, Paul D Texas Senate $250
    Shuttleworth, Bruce D Va. House $250
    Solomon, Norman D Calif. House $250
    Vilsack, Christie D Iowa House $250
    Wood, Dakota R Okla. House $250
    Grayson, Alan D Fla. House $225
    Murphy, Patrick D Fla. House $200
    Wallace, Rob D Okla. House $200

    Sources: Lockheed Martin, Opensecrets.org

    Credits: Graphics reporting by Tom Reinken. Interactive by Armand Emamdjomeh.


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