California wrongful conviction compensation

Cali­for­nia law en­titles those wrong­fully con­victed to com­pens­a­tion — but ob­tain­ing it can be dif­fi­cult. Since 1981, the earli­est re­cords avail­able, the three-mem­ber pan­el which votes on the claims — the Cali­for­nia Vic­tim Com­pens­a­tion and Gov­ern­ment Claims board — has denied 59 and gran­ted 22, award­ing pay­ments of about $6.2 mil­lion.

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Status Name County of conviction Conviction Convicted Released Compensation Document
Denied Acero, Longino Santa Clara failure to register as a sex offender 2002 2003 N/A
Denied Alvarez, Roy Los Angeles robbery 1995 2002 N/A
Denied Atkins, Timothy *** Los Angeles first-degree murder, robbery 1987 2007 N/A
Denied Barmettler, James Placer voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, discharge of a firearm with gross negligence 2001 2003 N/A
Denied Barrett, Isaiah Orange residing within 2,000 feet of a school as a registered sex offender 2008 2009 N/A
Granted Baruxes, Kevin San Diego rape by a foreign object, oral copulation, assault, false imprisonment, armed with a dangerous weapon 1996 2003 $258,700
Denied Berry, David A. Shasta sodomy, lewd and lascivious act upon a child 2001 2003 N/A
Denied Burnett, Frank Riverside second-degree burglary, receiving stolen property 2004 2006 N/A
Granted Carrillo Jr., Francisco Los Angeles murder, attempted murder 1992 2011 $683,300
Denied Carrington, Kelly Los Angeles possession of a controlled substance 1998 1999 N/A
Denied Cecil, Gary Lake failure to register as a sex offender 1999 2002 N/A
Denied Cerrano, Dennis Solano lewd and lascivious act upon a child 1998 1999 N/A
Denied Clarke, Karyl Los Angeles criminal threats 2006 2008 N/A
Denied Clarke, Kellen San Luis Obispo DUI with a prior felony conviction 2008 2010 N/A
Denied Cortez, Arturo Los Angeles possession of marijuana and cocaine for sale 1998 2003 N/A
Denied Cox, Michael possession methamphetamine for sale, possession narcotics paraphernalia 1999 2001 N/A
Granted Cuevas, Robert Los Angeles robbery, firearm enhancement 2003 2008 $162,700
Denied Daniels, J'arvis Riverside felony domestic violence 2007 2008 N/A
Denied Darrett, Raynard San Bernardino failure to register as a sex offender 2007 2009 N/A
Granted Daye, Frederick R. San Diego kidnapping to commit robbery, robbery, rape, auto theft 1984 1994 $386,000
Denied Del Castillo, Daniel Los Angeles assault on a peace officer 1998 1998 N/A
Granted Diaz, Jose Luis Santa Clara rape, attempted rape while armed with a deadly weapon, penetration with a foreign object, oral copulation 1984 1993 $305,300
Denied Duncan, Larry Los Angeles obstructing a law enforcement officer 2007 2007 N/A
Denied Fanning II, Cecil child molestation 2004 2007 N/A
Denied Faulkner, Kenneth Kern attempting to kidnap for the purpose of committing lewd and lascivious acts, false imprisonment 2000 2003 N/A
Denied Foley, Kenneth Santa Clara second-degree burglary with an arming enhancement 1995 2006 N/A
Denied Gaines, Rodney Los Angeles possession of a controlled substance 2006 2012 N/A
Denied Goff, Antoine Maurice San Francisco first-degree murder, conspiracy 1990 2003 N/A
Granted Green, Kevin Lee Orange second-degree murder, attempted murder 1980 1996 $620,000
Granted Hendrix, C. * N/A
Denied Hendrix, Richard Sacramento attempting by means of threats & violence to deter an officer from performing his duties 2010 2013 N/A
Denied Hobbs, Scotty Butte committing a lewd act upon a child 1998 2001 N/A
Denied Holmes III, Charles Herbert San Diego failure to register as a sex offender 2005 2012 N/A
Denied Howard, Myron Los Angeles child molestation, kidnapping a child, giving false information 1998 2004 N/A
Denied Jones, Cheryl Stanislaus second-degree murder 1986 2006 N/A
Granted Jones, David Allen ** Los Angeles voluntary manslaughter, second-degree murder, rape 1995 2004 $74,600
Denied Kindle, Jason Los Angeles second-degree robbery, assault with a firearm with enhancements 2000 2003 N/A
Denied Land, James Martell Los Angeles transportation/sale of a controlled substance 1997 2002 N/A
Denied Landry, Karl Santa Clara second-degree robbery, false imprisonment, criminal gang activity 2004 2007 N/A
Denied Lea, Joe Solano oral copulation of a child, sodomy of a child, committing a lewd act on a child 2000 2009 N/A
Denied Lind, Frank Fresno lewd conduct against a child 2002 2005 N/A
Denied Madrigal, Rafael Los Angeles attempted murder, use of firearm and a gang enhancement 2002 2009 N/A
Granted Marsh, Kenneth San Diego second-degree murder 1983 2004 $756,900
Denied Mayberry, W. * N/A
Denied McCall, Gerald San Bernardino voluntary manslaughter 2000 2006 N/A
Denied McKinney, Dwayne Orange first-degree murder, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and burglary 1982 2000 N/A
Granted McSherry, Leonard Los Angeles forcible rape, oral copulation of a child, rape by foreign object, kidnapping 1988 2001 $481,200
Granted Mikes, M. * N/A
Denied Muro, Angel Los Angeles making criminal threats 2004 2005 N/A
Denied Nelson, Ricky Lee Orange murder, attempted murder 2008 2011 N/A
Granted Ochoa, James Orange second-degree armed robbery 2005 2006 $31,500
Denied Pena, R. * N/A
Granted Powell, B. * N/A
Granted Quindt, David J. Sacramento murder 1999 2000 $17,200
Denied R., Connie Butte misdemeanor child abuse, felony failure to register as a sex offender 2009 2010 N/A
Denied Riojas, Adam Los Angeles second-degree murder 1991 2004 N/A
Denied Rivero, Alejo Los Angeles possession of a controlled substance 1998 2001 N/A
Denied Robinson, Joseph Plumas possession of marijuana, transporting and/or selling marijuana while armed with a firearm 2001 2003 N/A
Granted Rocha, Mario Los Angeles murder, attempted murder 1997 2008 $305,900
Denied Rodriguez, Jeffrey Santa Clara second-degree robbery 2003 2007 N/A
Denied Rollin, Joseph Humboldt abuse of dependent adult 2004 2008 N/A
Granted Rose, Peter San Joaquin kidnapping a child, kidnapping with the intent to commit rape, kidnapping for a lewd and lascivious act, rape by force and fear, forcible oral copulation 1995 2004 $328,200
Granted Ross, Ronald W. Alameda premeditated attempted murder, assault with a firearm 2006 2013 $229,000
Denied Self, Grant Kern lewd and lascivious act upon a child 1985 2009 N/A
Denied Shull, George Santa Clara sexual assault and assault with a deadly weapon, annoy and molest a child and assault with a deadly weapon 1989 1992 N/A
Denied Simmons III, Tommy Los Angeles murder, robbery 1998 2003 N/A
Denied Simmons, Reginald Rene sale of cocaine 1995 N/A
Denied Smith, Craig San Diego DUI 2006 2008 N/A
Denied Sommer, Cynthia San Diego murder 2007 2008 N/A
Denied Sons, Bruce Kern first-degree murder of a peace officer, a firearm enhancement, receiving stolen property 1995 2006 N/A
Granted Stoll, John Kern child molestation 1985 2004 $704,700
Denied Strider, Shannon Los Angeles possession of cocaine base while armed 2007 2008 N/A
Denied Stubblefield, David W. Los Angeles assault with a deadly weapon 2009 2012 N/A
Denied Tennison, John J. San Francisco first-degree murder, conspiracy 1990 2003 N/A
Denied Turner, Jeanette Tehama perjury 1996 N/A
Granted Villareal, A. * N/A
Granted Walker, Quedellis Ricardo Santa Clara first-degree murder, using a deadly weapon enhancement 1991 2003 $409,500
Granted Williams, D. * N/A
Granted Williams, Johnny Alameda lewd conduct against a child, attempted rape 2000 2013 $461,600
Denied Wilson, Mark Orange failure to register as a sex offender 1997 2007 N/A
Denied Wilson, Rick Santa Clara DUI with a prior felony conviction 2000 2011 N/A

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Sources: California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board, Times research

Credits: Maloy Moore, Molly Hennessy-Fiske