Garcetti supporters score city appointments

At least two-thirds of the people picked by Los Angeles May­or Eric Gar­cetti to serve on city and county boards and com­mis­sions dur­ing his first three months in of­fice were back­ers of his may­or­al bid, mak­ing cam­paign con­tri­bu­tions, giv­ing en­dorse­ments, serving as cam­paign fun­draisers or provid­ing oth­er forms of sup­port.

Name Board New appointee Donor Fundraising Endorser or supporter
Mario Chavez Affordable Housing Commission
Beatrice Hsu Airport Commissioners
Cynthia Telles Airport Commissioners
Gabriel Eshaghian Airport Commissioners
Jackie Goldberg Airport Commissioners
Matthew Johnson Airport Commissioners
Sean Burton Airport Commissioners
Valeria Velasco Airport Commissioners
David Zaft Animal Services
Samantha Millman Central Area Planning Commission
Suzanne Steinke Civil Service Commission
Betty Wilson Commission on Disability
Michael J Griggs Commission on Disability
Jon Vein Convention Center
Nicole Duckett Fricke Convention Center
Ray Bidenost Convention Center
Mari Edelman Cultural Affairs
Richard Montoya Cultural Affairs
Gail Kennard Cultural Heritage
Jorge Acevedo Disabilities Access Appeals Board
Joseph Bernardo El Pueblo Monument Authority
Juan Ramos El Pueblo Monument Authority
Pilar Buelna El Pueblo Monument Authority
Andrew Glazier Fire
Delia Ibarra Fire
Jimmie Woods-Gray Fire
Jimmy Hara Fire
Steven Fazio Fire
Emanuel Pleitez Fire and Police Pensions
Hector Serrano, Jr. Harbor Area Planning Commission
Anthony Pirozzi Harbor Commissioners
Patricia Castellanos Harbor Commissioners
Elise Buik Homeless Services Authority
Bich Ngoc Cao Library Commissioners
Gregory Bettinelli Library Commissioners
Josefa Salinas Library Commissioners
Mai Lassiter Library Commissioners
Rita Walters Library Commissioners
Jackie Dupont Walker Metro
Mike Bonin Metro
Paul Krekorian Metro
Karen Mack Neighborhood Commissioners
Lydia Grant Neighborhood Commissioners
Olivia Rubio Neighborhood Commissioners
Victor Medina Neighborhood Commissioners
Filiberto Gonzalez North Valley Area Planning Commission
Caroline Choe Planning Commission
Dana Perlman Planning Commission
David Ambroz Planning Commission
John Mack Planning Commission
Maria Cabildo Planning Commission
Marta Segura Planning Commission
Renee Dake Wilson Planning Commission
Richard Katz Planning Commission
Robert Ahn Planning Commission
Kathleen Kim Police Commissioners
Paula Madison Police Commissioners
Robert Saltzman Police Commissioners
Sandra Figueroa-Villa Police Commissioners
Steve Soboroff Police Commissioners
Steve Robinson Police Permit Review Panel
Barbara Romero Public Works
Kevin James Public Works
Matt Szabo Public Works
Mike Davis Public Works
Monica Rodriguez Public Works
Sylvia Reyes Patsaouras Recreation and Parks Commissioners
Tai Glenn Rent Adjustment Commission
Gail Willis South Los Angeles Area Planning Commission
Steve Cochran South Valley Area Planning Commission
Boris Gorbis Taxicab Commissioners
Mampre Pomakian Taxicab Commissioners
Marilyn Grunwald Taxicab Commissioners
Eric Eisenberg Transportation
John Ly Transportation
Nicole Chase Transportation
Christina Noonan Water and Power Commissioners
Jill Banks Barad Water and Power Commissioners
Mel Levine Water and Power Commissioners
Michael Fleming Water and Power Commissioners
William Funderburk, Jr. Water and Power Commissioners
Joseph Halper West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission
Marc Mitchell Zoo Commissioners
Yasmine Johnson Zoo Commissioners

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Sources: Los Angeles City Ethics Commission, Mayor Eric Garcetti campaign, Times research

Credits: David Zahniser, Ben Welsh