Top 10 moves at Romney’s Bain Capital

Mitt Rom­ney launched Bain Cap­it­al in 1984 and left in 1999. A pro­spect­us from that era re­veals the firm’s in­vest­ments.

Jan. 8, 2012
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Name of acquisition, line of business Amount invested (in millions) Return (in millions) Employment and growth
Domino's, pizza chain 188.8 NA The number of pizza stores grew from 6,100 to more than 9,500 around the world today. Published reports said Bain investors received a fivefold return on the original investment.
Experian, credit ratings 87.6 251.9 Bain held the company for seven weeks in the fall of 1996. Experian now operates independently and has about 15,000 employees.
ICON Health & Fitness 45.5 13.4 * Icon has about 2,000 employees today, the same number as in 1994, when Bain and related parties invested.
DDi, printed circuit boards 40.6 69.8 * The company began shedding 2,000 jobs under Bain's ownership. It declared bankruptcy in 2003. It has reorganized and has about 1,600 workers.
Sealy Mattress, retailer 40.1 40.1 * Employment increased in the seven years Bain held the company, almost entirely overseas. It now has about 4,200 employees worldwide.
Dade International, medical diagnostics 26.7 229.9 * The company began shedding 1,700 jobs under Bain, and filed for bankruptcy in 2002. The company emerged from bankruptcy later that year.
Waters, laboratory technologies 26.6 204.5 In the fifteen months Bain held Waters, the head count was reduced by about 70. Since then, it has added approximately 3,500 jobs.
Alliance Entertainment, music distribution 25.1 10.0 Alliance closed a number of distribution facilities and laid off workers before it filed for bankruptcy in 1997. It operates today as a major CD and DVD distributor.
Epoch Senior Living, senior care and nursing homes 24.6 NA Bain stayed with the company as it weathered changes in Medicare reimbursement and saw a healthy return: $125 million, according to Chief Executive Laurence Gerber. While under Bain's ownership, Epoch grew from several hundred employees to about 2,500 today.
GS Industries, steel 24.5 58.4 * The company shed jobs during the late 1990s, capped by the layoff of 750 employees during the company's 2001 bankruptcy. Bain received dividends and fees and profited on the deal. By one account, Bain doubled its initial investment, even after bankruptcy.

Sources: 2000 prospectus prepared by Deutsche Banc Alex.Brown, listing Bain investments (Bain declined to confirm the accuracy of the information), company interviews, SEC filings and “The Buyout of America” by Josh Kosman. Photo: Romney in 1993 (David L. Ryan, Boston Globe / Getty Images)

Credits: W. Ramirez, Soo Oh


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